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Self-Hosted Software

I'm a pretty big fan of self-hosted software. It's always better to empower yourself, own your data, and own your media. I use the following:

A self-hosted streaming media solution. It can also somewhat organize books. It is much better at organizing and serving music, movies, and TV Shows.
Netflix Alternative.
A self-hosted Git solution.
Gitlab/hub Alternative.
A self-hosted microblogging system.
Social Media Alternative.
The Element fork, of course. Self-hosted E2EE Chat with video calling.
Discord Alternative.


Starbase17 is a kind of shared social space as organization experiment. I host a bunch of services, servers, and whatnot behind a VPN for shared use. We have currently, and have had more, game servers, chat servers, a shared nextcloud, some VDI systems, a pubnix. It's all pretty fun.

If you want to know more about Starbase17 reach out to jaycee.