• Initial version of the site.
  • Added changelog, manifesto, and index pages
  • Added links and shrine pages
  • Have not yet added a shrine
  • I am still on vacation for another day, so expect changes.
  • Replaced Shrines as a sub-page of Stuff.
  • Added the Stardates sub-page of stuff.
  • I made a Star Trek shrine.
  • Added the Music Page
  • Added some more music that I like.
  • Added a new not found page.
  • Added some Banners and links.
  • Added the rantings section.
  • Added a rant.
  • Added some pages.
  • Decided the Changelog was not going to be anything resembling complete.
  • Added an about page.
  • Forgot all of the content changes because I'm an idiot and I built my own static site generator which is really buggy.
  • It was also built organically...
  • Added a lesson.
  • Maybe I'll add more...
  • Fixed the view counter. No way I've gotten millions of views.
    Added an Article
    Did stuff...